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What We Do

Here at Comfort, the main focus is on making comfortable chairs, yet stylish furnishings for you and your homeplace. Make your dining room look luxurious & stylish in no time!

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About Us

Comfort is a furniture manufacturing company founded in 1999, in the city of Strumica, Macedonia. Our main goal is the production of chairs. We are fast, flexible and always available to meet your needs. Vision: Our products to be recognized for comfort and quality.

Most Asked Questions

Floor Safety
- We put rubber pads on all chairs.
Flexible Orders
- Chairs can be made in a wide range materials and leg colors.
- Chairs are first wrapt in a plastic bag ( to be protected from dust ), Than put in a 5 layer carton box.
Reciving Order
- Order is approximately made between 10 to 35 work days.
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